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We supply paint and paint related products to a wide variety of customers. We believe in good, old fashioned service delivered with passion and integrity at an absolutely, competitive price. We also believe in the use of technology to help solve problems.

We believe that if we work together as a team achieving our objectives, that we will enrich the lives of our customers, as well as own lives and those of our colleagues. We believe that personnel is the heart beat of the company, and we believe that there is a correlation between the well being of the company, and the well being of each individual in the company.

We are here to SOLVE our customers' current and potential painting problems. and thereby put smiles on their dials when they think about us. We also like to have smiles on our dials when we think about our customers, and how pleasant it was to solve their painting problems in an effective and professional way. People have enough daily problems — we have to ensure as far as practically possible that paint is not one of their daily problems.

Each customer that enters the store with a painting problem and/or - need, should leave with a solution.

We believe to do everything right the first time. We also believe that we give each other the right to make mistakes, but that we have to learn from our own and others' mistakes.Our main focus is on DIY Customers, as well as continuous users such as Building- and Painting Contractors, corporate maintenance users, furniture factories and panel beaters.

We realize that our markets in each geographical area might have differences from the next area, but we strive to supply our customers with the RIGHT quality products. Normally (but not always) high quality paint systems will be more cost efficient on the long run, and it is our duty to help our customers find the best solution to address his/her need. We try to steer clear of VERY low quality painting products, because it will seldom be a suitable long term solution.

We are striving to be the most well known paint retailer brand in Tshwane that also sells the most Dulux and Plascon products. We realize that we also have to set and exceed our own goals.